Management System Policy

Solidbridge bets on quality and innovation as factors of success of the service provided in the IT consulting market.

We are committed to:

– To comply with legal regulatory, and other requirements in force;
– Define quality goals adjusted to the business strategy, the quality objectives, the internal and external context, the needs of the clients and the continuous improvement of the quality management system;
– Empower customers with technological products and solutions tailored to their reality and needs;
– Simplify, solidify and improve your internal processes as well as the communication with the outside world, to improve the customer performance;
– Use safe and dynamic technologies;
– Follow the principles of anonymity and confidentiality of customer data as applicable;
– Train the employees in an optics of technological evolution and preparation for future challenges;
– Follow the sustainability assumptions, through the primacy of the digital economy and minimization of environmental impacts;
– Improve the management system and its processes.

It is in a stakeholder engagement logic that, Solidbridge ensures that quality policy and its changes are communicated, understood and implemented in line with applicable requirements and reviewed periodically.

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